Boy, I had THE BEST time in Chicago: I lead my first Accomplishment Coaching training weekend.

I wasn’t the #1 back up dancer. I was running the show with another leader. Large and in charge.

This is what I’ve been working towards for the last three and a half years.

And at times, I wanted to quit the whole shabang. Let me explain:

I graduated three plus years ago from the AC Program.

There was an opportunity to join the leadership team and be a mentor. Then there was a big opportunity to coach and train at the United Nations. My first year was great — relatively easy.

And as I grew in my leadership — it got really hard.

Training for a big job can be really confronting, especially in my work where when people call you out on your stuff. Often, ego and self-defense come into play.

It’s a lot to deal with, and there were many times I wanted to quit.

But, I had a few positive things on my side that kept me in the game:

A coach who reminded me of my higher commitment to transforming lives.

A supportive team to remind me of my greatness.

A group of people who listened to me, always.

Back to my Chicago trip: Saturday morning, I spoke to a group of 40ish people (participants, guests and mentor coaches) I didn’t know. I had to create credibility and relationships with people I’d never met in a city I’d never been in with a team I didn’t know.

What happened: People saw things they hadn’t seen and valued my input as a coach: Someone who’s on the outside of your BS who says, “Hey, that’s BS.”

The Monday morning after I trained/led in Chicago, I woke up in tears, grateful for all the people on my almost four year journey who said, “Don’t quit when it gets tough.”

Whether you’re in an organization or a marriage, you don’t have perspective because you’re in it. Like when you’re on the football field, you can’t see what’s behind you.

A good coach can see what’s happening everywhere and is outside of your life.

This is why the Luscious Mother Group Coaching program, starting October 9, is so valuable. You’ll meet with moms like you (almost) every week that reflect your dreams and what you want to create.

They’ll stand with you in the I don’t wannas and I don’t feel like its. They care about you living the life of your dreams, even on the days you don’t.

And they’re not going to let you quit.

If you want that kind of good lovin’, if that’s the kind of accountability that’s been missing for you, let’s get the party started right here.

Early Bird Special is $450 through August 14th and goes up to $550 after then.

This thing is filling up fast. The landing page went up four days ago and people are already grabbing seats. Mama, you’re going to be wishing you got onboard.

Register for Group Coaching lovin’ by clicking here.

Until next time, keep that luscious heart.