Hey there!

Glad to be back from a weekend of traveling, and I’m already on to the next adventure.

But first, can I just say how much I love my man?

When I’m away from home, he sends me the best photos of Mirabelle. This time around, he sent me a pic of my little daredevil cackling as she spun in a yellow bucket.

He knows how this delights me since being a parent can sometimes feel challenging, isolating, emotional and exhausting, even when you’re away. Especially when you’re away.

And I know we have the power to turn parenting into a more joy-filled experience, even on the tough days.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve partnered with my pal Réa Wright to bring you a powerful new project we’re both pumped about.

The group of experts she’s assembled are top notch and I’m honored to be part of this panel of extraordinary women and teens.

Real Talk: Conscious Journeys in Parenting, hosted by Réa, is designed to help you become a more engaged and connected parent. She’s put together an intimate and powerful video series that gives you the good, bad and, well, not so pretty, of parenting.

This video series, delivered to your inbox to view whenever you want, will take a real and raw look at what it means to be a connected and engaged parent who’s all about self-care.

The best part: Each speaker (including yours truly) created a free gift. And as Mirabelle would say, “Mines is the best.” I’m really excited about the exercise I’ve created supporting Moms called: Suffering Is Optional.

It’s all about the common ways that Moms suffer and what to do about it. It was also designed by my dear friend, business strategist and design, Lisa Speer so it looks sexy as hell too.

You’re gonna get a whole lot of insight on:

  • Reinventing old patterns
  • Finding passion with your partner all over again
  • Learning how hormones impact the stages of your parenting journey
  • Connecting with the unique stressors of special needs parenting
  • Understanding self care all along the way

For all the details and to register, click here.

Hope you join us, whirling in a yellow bucket and all.

Until next time, keep that luscious heart.