One of the benefits of coaching and training coaches is being among loving, passionate people.

One of my fav coaching colleagues is Joanna Lindenbaum.

Joanna calls herself the Soulful Women’s Business Coach and helps women get authentic with themselves instead of trying to fit a marketing plan that doesn’t work for them.

Joanna has thousands of women in her community and is seen as a thought leader.

One of her missions as a coach is to provide quality content to her clients and her clients’ clients. Because she’s a coach’s coach.

That’s why she decided to put together a handbook to help coaches (and their clients) let go of fear and resistance so they can make a bigger impact.

This free downloadable handbook, called Overcome the Fear Barrier: 21 Leading Transformational Experts Share Their Best Strategies to Overcoming Clients’ Fear in All its Formsis chock full of brilliant exercises and tools for overcoming resistance and fear, and includes contributors like yours truly.

The thing is: If you work with humans, you’re going to need to cozy up to fear and really understand what makes them tick. Because fear likes to disguise itself.

After all, most of us are taught from a very early age that being scared means we’re weak. Nope, that’s not the truth!

Maybe you’ve noticed a client procrastinating, avoiding important conversations or self-sabotaging their results after they had a major breakthrough.

One of the greatest roles you can play, whether you are a coach, healer, transformational expert, or someone who guides and leads people, is to guide someone through their fear.

After all, as the old adage goes, “Everything we want lies on the other side of our fear.”

That’s what you can get from this invaluable, downloadable resourceAnd, it’s free!

I’m a big fan of Joanna’s curated advice, inspiration, skills, scripts and tools from 21 leading experts in fields including personal development, business, sexuality and intimacy, shamanism and yoga. You’ll learn how to deepen your ability to walk your clients through their fear.

Being one of the contributors is an honor, especially among these top-notch experts. 

Claim your copy here and access juicy gifts as a thank you for downloading the guide.

Trust me: You’re going to learn a lot about identifying, naming and transforming fear for yourself and the people around you.