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Hey there, holiday beauties,

Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted. One of my favorite parts of this holiday was watching Mirabelle sing along with her new ukulele. Look at that smile!

As Mirabelle’s mama, I’m committed to her completely — her general health and well-being, in addition to her living a full, rich life.

Last week, one client reminded me how that ride-or-die commitment can apply to other parts of life.

She’s an actor in New York City. On her best days and worst days, she’s an actor. I’ve never heard her consider quitting — and I’ve been working with her for years.

She’s even talked about leaving her marriage before (on the super bad days). But I’ve never heard her say she’s out of the acting game. 

There’s a ferocious power in that commitment. Even when it’s in breakdown, even when it’s not going well, or turning out how she wants — quitting isn’t an option. 

Few areas in my life are like that. Strong enough to weather any storm. 

Mirabelle is one of my ride-or-die commitments. Matt, too. He is actually my #1 commitment. My parents, my sister, brother, aunts, nieces and nephews. My in-laws. My clients. My colleagues at Accomplishment Coaching.

On my best days and worst days, and for most moms, my commitment to my family is gold. Nothing could break it. 

And I notice it isn’t like that everywhere in my life. My well-being? Not so much. Writing every day? Hardly. Getting birthday cards/gifts out on time? Rare. Regular money meetings with Matt? HA! 

And I’m not mad at myself about it. I’m just noticing where I’m “loose” with my commitments. 

Ask yourself: 

Where do you give yourself permission to break a commitment? Where do you have one foot out the door?

What would be different if you were all-in in those areas? 

Is it a have to or is it a want to? Even if I didn’t have to be Mirabelle’s mom, I want that. I choose it. A choice I make every day. 

If you have big commitments moving into 2018, which ones are you most committed to? 

Are you truly ride-or-die? 

Tell me what’s happening in that luscious heart of yours. 

Until next time,


With deep love and gratitude,



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