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Hey there lusciousness personified,

It’s been two delicious weeks since I’ve been on the newsletter train and so much has happened (and is currently in the works). 
I’m doing lots of corporate retreats and trainings these days.

I partnered with my husband on a retreat for the Charlotte Symphony which is a story unto itself. My book project is also getting some serious love from yours truly.

The thing that reminds me of why I’m doing all this in the first place: The Luscious Mother Retreat.

A room filled with almost 30 women, 18 people as participants and 8 people as my support team, was transformative. Those words don’t begin to do the experience or the women justice. 

There was laughter.

Lots of tears were shed.

Unbelievable breakthroughs were had.

One woman said before our lunch break on Saturday, “If I left now, I would have gotten my money’s worth.” Another sent me a note following the retreat that said, “I have never felt such a powerful shared experience where strangers were free to laugh and cry and rage and celebrate as if we were lifelong friends. It was cathartic and affirming, and I left with the power and energy to begin to create something new in my life.”

I beat this drum over and over again, but something magical happens when a group of conscious, like-minded women get in the same space.

They share.

They are seen.

They are heard.

They are acknowledged.

They share and release pain that’s treated with grace and love.

That’s the experience.

I was leading this group, but I got as much from it as if I was a participant. Here are a few key takeaways that really got me going: 

1) People want to hear the truth. Now, they want to hear it with love and humor, but they want to hear the real deal. What do people see for them? What’s in their blind spot? That’s the whole point of coaching: When you’re on the outside, you can see something that you can’t see when you’re in it. One woman at the retreat was sharing how she had these “blocks” in her life, and when I gently reflected she was giving off an “F you” vibe, she opened up and asked, “How did you know?” She was then able to notice where she does it and practice something new. It was so powerful for her not only to have it acknowledged, but to see she doesn’t need to protect herself from the world.

2) Women heal other women. Being with other women in a way that makes us feel seen, heard and held in our greatest — and not so great — moments is monumental. One of the women at the retreat said she had kissed someone who wasn’t her husband. She felt so much pain and shame, and, as a group, we held and loved her with kindness punctuated with “I love you’s” and “We’ve been there’s.” This support allowed her to forgive herself.

3) We are innately exquisite humans. And we forget that. When people remember who they are beyond fear and crappy stories, it creates a lot of possibility and power. We all have crummy stories about ourselves in the world, and when we get back to that essential nature where we remember who the person in the mirror really is, it starts to change the game.

Tell me: What could this kind of support do for you? What would it be like to be seen and heard and understood and loved, just because you showed up? If this sounds like a hell yes for you, Mama, check out my upcoming group coaching program in March. Click here to find out more.

Until next time, keep that luscious heart.


With deep love and gratitude,



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