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You don’t have to go it alone. Being a Luscious Mother means getting inspired and getting supported. Here are some of my favorite resources.



Wendy Petricoff is the savior for many a Charlotte Parent. She is an educator and parenting coach, teaching the Love & Logic Method to parents of tots and teens. A friend recommended Wendy and after one class, I started seeing a shift in my parenting. Wendy normalizes the parenting experience and makes the experience fun and entertaining. A must for Charlotte parents and good news…She is about to offer virtual workshops—stay tuned!



My friend Carrie Anne James has an amazing online French program, French is Beautiful! Her teaching style is unorthodox and unique — she teaches her clients how to speak like a real person and express their personalities in MODERN (still polite, still educated) French…and she also teaches slang because we all need to be fully-expressed to FEEL FLUENT!


Matt Olin Creative helps entrepreneurs; business owners and aspiring business owners tell their irreplaceable story. Ready to brand (or re-brand) you product or service? Need a fresh and effective ad campaign developed? Getting stuck writing content for your website? Want to start connecting more powerfully with existing customers & clients through blogging or worthwhile newsletter material? Need a sharp eye to edit your work? Matt Olin is your man. Well, he’s my man, but he can help you in creating some amazing words for your business.


Joanna Lindenbaum and Soulful Coaching for Busy Women. I’ve done two of Joanna’s workshops and they were both spectacular. Joanna has created a coaching program for women who want to create abundance in their soul-centered pursuits. Joanna has amazing programming and events to fully support and empower the female entrepreneur. Want to create your business from your heart and have it generate the income you desire? Look no further. Also, her weekly newsletter is filled with amazing business building tips.


I’m on a handful of email lists that I love and read/watch religiously. One of my must-reads is for entrepreneurial, online marketing blogger types: Social Triggers with Derek Halpern. Derek is sharp, down-to-earth and delivers his message without apology. His videos have amazing content and are short and concise. Plus, he’s entertaining. Working to create an online business? Need support in building your email list?


Lisa Speer helps Coaches, Consultants, Creatives & Entrepreneurs who are struggling to stand out in a genuine way. Her business, Speer Creative Edge, is focused on building authentic brands through her amazing skills of strategy, design and coaching. Lisa understands branding is bigger than a logo and she really cares about getting to know you and your business to ensure your brand lines up with your beliefs and your goals. Want to get a ton of value and an authentic brand? Lisa’s branding packages give you a rock solid foundation to attract your ideal clients and grow your business. I can say first hand she’s a tremendous asset!


Kundalini Yoga & Hari Kaur

If you have never tried Kundalini yoga or have been practicing for 20 years, do yourself a favor and head over to West 30th Street and do some yoga with Hari Kaur. Hari has written two books, trained thousands of teachers and committed her entire life to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and elevating the planet through the technology of Kundalini Yoga. No biggie. Want an experience of your soul? Visit HariNYC.

Embodied Potential

Whitney Tucker of Embodied Potential is a rock star of the physical plane. She is a dancer, personal trainer, pilates & yoga instructor, birth doula, and so much more. Whitney has spent hundreds of hours training folks to use their body to its fullest potential. Healing from injuries, getting into shape, prepping for a marathon or birth — whatever it is, this amazing, conscious woman has you covered. Professionally, if you are looking for someone who is an expert, extremely well-trained at the highest level, Whitney and Embodied Potential is the answer. On a personal level, you couldn’t ask for a more powerful, open guide on your journey. One who truly has the highest regard for the human body and the human experience.


Catherine Collautt, Ph.D. is an author, manifestation consultant, energy healer and all around incredible human being. I have worked with Cathy for years, and her process is off the hook. Recently, I read all of her vignettes and they are incredible.

She also has some free resources on her site, and she did a video interview on the subconscious mind with Marie Forleo that generated over 240,000 views. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. C, the time is now. She also works with clients virtually; so don’t let distance keep you apart!


Reflections Center for Conscious Living isn’t a yoga studio for the “fabulous,” and no one feels intimidated there. In fact, they no longer use the term ‘yoga studio’ at all, it is too limiting for what they actually do. Reflections offers many different mind-body-centering practices including hypnosis, Reflections After Dark, float science (floatation tank), massage, reiki, cranial sacral therapy, and The Franklin Method. According my dear friend and founder Paula Tursi, “We invite any method that may unlock a higher awareness, and thus more consciousness.”


My friend and colleague Jess Grippo, a dancer, writer, and creative life coach, has found a way to weave together all the things she loves into a fulfilling, successful, and creative career: performing, teaching dance, blogging, guiding clients into their creative flow, and of course making dance videos. (Her most recent venture was a TEDx talk!) Jess’s coaching practice is about helping people revive their passions and get out of their own way when it comes to making creative dreams happen.


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