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Hope you’re all getting ready for Turkey Time. I’m super excited for our day. Matt, Mirabelle and I will relax in the morning, watch the parade and bake.

I’ll be taking advantage of yoga classes in the AM too. 

In the afternoon, we’ll go to the movies and then to a restaurant with my dear friend Lisa and my in-laws. We’ll serve up dessert at my house after dinner. 

Friday morning, we head off to Asheville to be with friends. 

This is my idea of holiday perfection.

And in the spirit of being thankful, I wanted to tell you about someone special.

She was a major part of last summer’s Luscious Mother Retreat and is hitting up our Winter Retreat this January. 

Her name is Anna Cranage Conathan and she’s a marvel. 

I’m floored by this amazing human. She had a real breakthrough during her time at the retreat. I’d tell you more but, well, she can tell you even better. 

She tagged me in this epic FB post earlier this week:

Scurry, hurry, fret. These are not words written on traditional holiday cards. But they’re in the subtext, no? Our winter holidays were designed to add light to a dark time of year. To bring us together in gratitude and love. They are points on the calendar that tap us on the shoulder and remind us that it’s important for us to be together, to care for one another, and why not take the time to do it now while we’re all sitting in the pitch blackness of winter? Let’s light a fire, sing some songs, drink some warm beverages and let the good feelings wash over us, right?!


Well… I gotta tell ya, I can’t remember the last holiday season I felt this way. (Maybe I was eleven?) This is usually how “pre-season” goes down for me: right around the time I finish all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from Sam’s Halloween haul, a slow consuming dread begins to creep up on me. “They’re coming,” I think. “Oh, f*ck, the holidays are coming.” And then, within moments, all the “shoulds” and “musts” and “I have tos” engulf me in an avalanche.


“Am I doing enough? Did I buy enough presents? Is the house festive enough? Am I creating a memorable holiday experience for Sam? Can he tell I’m about to have a nervous breakdown? If so, does that diminish the magic of his holiday? How will I know when I have properly, significantly, demonstrated my love for my family by manufacturing a special and elaborate holiday season? Will I hear a bell or buzzer when I reach this nativity nirvana?!”


Yup. That’s what it’s like inside this melon. And this avalanche of overthinking rumbles through my calendar from mid-November, all the way until the exhausted collapse that occurs in the early days of January. (Ironically, right around the Catholic holiday of The Epiphany.) And then what? Then I slog on through the winter having just sapped myself of so much valuable (and ill-used) energy.


Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Maybe you, like me, have brain freeze when your family asks you what YOU want for the holidays. (Who has time to consider that frivolity?) And yet, you know you don’t want more Things – more slippers, sweaters, earrings or warm socks (okay, warm socks are awesome) – but you DO know that you’re ready for a *new experience*. A joyful one. A rejuvenating one. Maybe even… a retreat?


A retreat — which here can mean “I flee from all the madness” or “I am bathed in an atmosphere of replenishing energies and magic” — that will allow you the chance to realign yourself with gratitude, love and intuition, and help you reset your compass to your own personal True North.


If this all sounds like the panacea you’ve been yearning for, let me introduce you to the Luscious Mother Retreat, run by the Luscious Mother herself, Sarah Bernier Olin. Sarah is a five alarm fire-starter who will show you how to stoke the smoldering embers of 2017 and turn 2018 into a bonfire of inspiration and action. If you’re feeling stuck/blocked/jammed/tired/pissy/malnourished/bleak/drab/droll/uninspired/unsexy/
misunderstood/unappreciated/or just tired of not knowing what you want for Christmas every year when folks inquire, let THIS be your answer this year. Tell them you want to retreat. Tell them you are ready to be a #lusciousmother.


And guess what?


The gift won’t just be for you. Your newfound joy is going to ripple out from your luscious heart to every person you hold inside it.

Did Anna get you fired up? Intrigued? Learn more on our upcoming Zoom call this Monday, 11/27 at 7:30 p.m. EST. Sign up here and get the luscious deets.

Until next time, keep that luscious heart. 

Grab Your Winter Retreat Seat!

With deep love and gratitude,