Sometimes I’ve missed my turn on the road, as I’m sure you have too.

When that happens, your GPS says “recalculating” in a calm, reassuring voice (maybe in a British accent if that’s how you’ve set it) and gives you a new route. It doesn’t ask why you missed your turn. No judgment, just quick, simple action.

But when you’re talking to yourself about missing a turn, you’re not as calm. Maybe you say, “Dang, I can’t believe I missed my turn!” Cue the colorful hand gestures.

The GPS has no qualms about moving on and seeing where the new route takes you.

But you do.

As a coach, my job is to fulfill what I declare: Helping clients and teammates meet their goals. When we miss these goals, we just recalculate the route.

There’s no beating yourself up for a missed turn. Or at least a new turn.

Sometimes the missed turns are exactly where you need to go. It’s where you learn more about yourself and get back on track — or find a whole new track.

This happened in a big way for me when Matt and I first met.

I was a bartender in Brooklyn. He was working on Broadway and doing some freelance copywriting. One night, he and I hit it off. We started dating.

But it became clear to me that (at the time) he was “zipped up” emotion-wise. And for me, that wouldn’t do.

It seemed like we were on different routes for sure. Recalculating…

But what happened next surprised both of us. We got honest with each other, and we’ve been inseparable ever since that day. It’s now a formative story about us.

Learn how our GPS recalculation became our ultimate connection on the Date Night with Jake and Page podcast.

We had a blast talking about our unexpected turns.

Watch the podcast here or if you just want to listen, here.

Then ask yourself:

What can you recalculate in your life?

What new actions will you take from your recalculated route?

Until next time, keep that luscious heart.